My Name is Heidi Lyons & i have been working in the Childcare field since 2001.

I obtained my Bachelor of Teaching in December 2013 from Charles Sturt University & have been working in the childcare field since 2001, having obtained my Diploma in Children’s Services CBC in December 2000.  In the past i have held the positions of Authorised/Nominated Supervisor, Room leader, Family Day Carer & Coordinator of Babysitting for a parents craft group.

My Current position is the Co-Ordinator/Director + ECT of a Long Day Care in Western Sydney. I also take on the role of main Educational Leader in our service. In this role i mentor the staff in their role as Educators & the way they document children’s learning.

I have taken a huge interest in documenting children’s learning & what is actually required under the NQS. How much do we really need to be doing? What is meaningful? should we have to be taking it home to complete & cut into our own family lives? do we need so much paperwork & different documents?

I have taken the approach to listen to my Educators & maintain a good work/life balance. Cutting down on paperwork & looking at what is required & what is meaningful to our service & families.

Please feel free to read about the way we document children’s learning & to use/recreate our templates for your own use.

Please note that we have not yet been assessed & i am by no means claiming my way is the “right” way. There is no set formula to follow & no way is “right” or “wrong”, you need to be able to show your cycle of planning & how you record each child’s individual learning cycle. 

** some of my content is a variation of other peoples examples i have seen on the internet. I by no means claim it all to be my own ideas**


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